Proclaim License and Media Pricing Options

Proclaim is available as a monthly or annual subscription. The technical term for a Proclaim subscription is an On Air License. With a Proclaim On Air License you can present without watermarks, collaborate with as many people as you wish, and work from anywhere on Mac and PC.

Proclaim Pro Media is also available as a separate subscription in Proclaim. 

Pricing for additional media options can be found on this page below the On Air and Pro Media License information.

During the free trial, the On Air License and Pro Media subscriptions are available. When the trial ends, you can choose which options you would like to purchase.  

Monthly and annual subscription costs vary based on the average weekly attendance of your ministry. Subscription costs cover one campus, but unlimited simultaneous presentations. To present at multiple campuses, please purchase a license for each campus.


Weekly Attendance

On Air License

Pro Media License


  $19.95/mo  $199.95/yr

  $9.95/mo  $99.95/yr


  $24.95/mo  $224.95/yr

  $12.45/mo  $112.45/yr


  $29.95/mo  $249.95/yr

  $14.95/mo  $124.95/yr


  $34.95/mo  $274.95/yr

  $17.45/mo  $137.45/yr


  $39.95/mo  $299.95/yr

  $19.95/mo  $149.95/yr


  $44.95/mo  $324.95/yr

  $22.45/mo  $162.45/yr


  $49.95/mo  $349.95/yr

  $24.95/mo  $174.95/yr


The On Air License and Pro Media License may be ordered together within the app, or you may choose to only purchase an On Air License. You are able to add a Pro Media License, or one of our other media options from within the app at any time. 

In addition to On Air and Pro Media Subscriptions, Proclaim has partnered with other media providers to bring more media options to meet your needs. Our Partner Media Package includes collections from Graceway Media, Igniter OriginalsChurch Motion Graphics, Dan Stevers, Freebridge, and Playback Media


Weekly Attendance:

Partner Media Package


   $49.99/mo  $499.90/yr


   $54.99/mo  $524.90/yr


   $59.99/mo  $549.90/yr


   $64.99/mo  $574.90/yr


   $69.99/mo  $599.90/yr


   $74.99/mo  $624.90/yr


   $79.99/mo  $649.90/yr


Learn how to purchase subscriptions within Proclaim by clicking here

You can view your active subscriptions by signing into and clicking here.  

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