Media Browser

Proclaim offers you a convenient way to organize, share, and access your media files within the app using the Media Browser. Images and videos uploaded to your group are instantly available to others, saving you and your congregation valuable time creating your presentation.

Browse the store for new Proclaim Pro Media or packages from our media partners, or link your Proclaim account to an already existing subscription and access your media right away.



To access the Media Browser in Proclaim, select Media at the top of the screen in the main app window. To view content that is currently available to you (including uploads you've made to your group), select Owned in the top left corner of the Media Browser, or view All items to include relevant store items.



Search through your media items using the Breadcrumb Bar, or browse through media series by thumbnails. Sort your results by popularity (all-time usage), relevance (how well it matches your search), or by what's trending (popular media in the last seven days). The slider in the top right corner of the Media Browser allows you to resize the thumbnails so you can comfortably browse few, or many, media series at once.

To take a closer look at any item, try selecting it in the Media Browser. The righthand pane will allow you to conveniently view details about each piece of media, such as the tags, duration, and series from which it came. Add any Media Browser item directly into your presentation by selecting one of the options from the list:



Add your favorite media items to boards so you can easily find them when you need them.

The store contains thousands of media items produced in house as Proclaim Pro Media, or from our many media partners at Graceway, CMG, Freebridge, Playback Media, IgniterDan Stevers, and more! You can purchase all of your subscriptions right through the Proclaim Media Browser, or link your accounts to access this media.

Did you know? Certain items from our media partners are available a-la-carte, so you only have to pay for what you use.

And don't forget: there's plenty of free media from our Ministry Channels available in the Media Browser too! If you're not already familiar with Ministry Channels, they offer hours of free videos and unique images for your congregation. You can find them on the lefthand side of the Media Browser directly above the color facets.

Can't find any media items that suit your interests? Create your own Smart Media templates using a great photo you took or a design your team put together. Then, publish them to the Community so that others can use them, too.

Looking to clean up some of the content you've uploaded to your group? Click here to find out how.

Remember: great media helps engage your congregation and sets the stage for your sermon. Learn about why media is so important from the Proclaim blog.

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