Podcasting Sermon Recordings


Sermon recordings can be Podcast via your church iTunes channel. First, publish the sermon in Proclaim that you wish to podcast. After you've successfully published your sermon, select Podcast feed from the list.



Your web browser will open a new page with your sermon. Copy/paste the Podcast link.



Want to make sure your Podcast sounds the way you want it before you submit it? Keep following along, or skip to the next section.


Test your Podcast

Test out your sermon and make sure the link works: in iTunes, go to the File menu and select Subscribe to podcast...



Enter the podcast link you copied earlier. Play through the audio file to confirm it sounds like you want.



Submit your Podcast

Head over to the iTunes store and navigate to Podcasts on the right side of the app. Click the link to Submit your podcast... 


Paste your link into the box and follow the steps. Congratulations, your sermon podcast is published!



Upload cover art

To upload cover art for your Podcast, navigate to SoundFaith.com and sign in using the same credentials you use for Proclaim. Click the account menu in the top right and select Settings from the list.



Find the church group with which you published your sermon and select Change file. Once you're finished, select Save at the top of the page.

Note: you can also set the email you'd like to use for your podcasts on this page.

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